In an era where ‘original’ music is few and far between, few artists have been able to capture a truly indigenous sound. Luckily, for this US-born Producer and DJ, a relentless pursuit of instinctive rhythm has allowed her to produce a sound that is undeniably her own. With just a year of production under her belt, Oshana has composed a style that is both unique and complex, a product of expansive  atmosphere, embryonic bass, and infectious percussion and rhythm.

Over the past year, Oshana has welcomed the release of two solo EP’s on the highly acclaimed, Romanian label, LOK Records, a remix for Stab9 on the Moscow based label, BodyParts Records, and a powerful VA release on her home label of Brouqade. Not surprisingly, her productions have quickly gained the support of several major artists on the infamous Desolat music label, a:rpia:r, and Cadenza, to name a few. Fueled with a budding release schedule, she’s developed an inspiring LIVE performance, gracing audiences in her home city of New York all the way to London and Berlin. With an impressive release schedule and tour dates to boast, there's no doubt that the future remains bright for this up and coming artist.

Looking ahead, this year promises to be a tremendous one for Oshana. With forthcoming dates scheduled in her home city of New York and Ibiza, an introductory vinyl EP, and a second various artist release, Oshana is rapidly defining herself as an artist “to watch.” Armed with an intrinsic passion for making music, Oshana will continue to strive towards the forefront of innovative dance music. No matter where the path may lead her, you’ll find her living by a simple credo, “Do what you love and love what you do, the rest comes naturally.