The Lula Circus project came to light at the end of 2008 as a result of a partnership between
Danilo Sardella and Sergio Frazzingaro.
Starting as a game, matching two people coming from different musical backgrounds and an
"experimental experience", it soon developed into a solid project.
The name of the project itself is the result of a mix between motion picture culture, Lula is the
unforgettable main character in David Lynch's "Wild at Heart" and club culture embodied in the
image of a big, loud and never-ending circus.
All of this is backed up with a deep love for music and an endless search for a wider spectrum
within the house music genre, combining echoes of Ennio Morricone's soundtracks with synths
that evoke Warp's first releases.
From their first release with Resopal in 2009, through to Catwash in 2010, Stranjiur and
Culprit L.A. in 2011, their path has been varied but consistent in a distintive sound that
identifies their work which is not bound to any specific genre.
Their tracks have been played and supported by names such as Sven Vath, Maya Jane Coles,
Carl Cox, Solomun, Soul Clap, Dj W!ld and Tale of Us.
As they often say… We love music!