Danjel Esperanza born in Hanau, discovered for the first time a big enthusiasm for electronic music 1996 at Sven Väths Lovefamily Park.
Soon he started to put turntables and mixer in his flat and It didn´t take much time until he gets the feeling to mix the black gold inexhaustible in so many nights. In 1999 when he begins to enlarge his music equipment little by little in order to puzzle over sounds and produce some tracks. Its was the beginning of his big dream to work with sounds and produce some music which he can live up since 2005/2006 in his little studio meleon music.
Soon the first releases followed on different labels... In the beginning of 08 he has launched his own label meleon music which was soon supported by many great Dj's from the scene... But thats not enough, beside the work as labelowner, producer, live act and remixer he started something really personal... The sweet little label "Backdoor Beauty" which has started in the beginning of 09!..... BdB just release music with much passion in lovely little things and backgrounds with interesting strange sounds, melodies, athmospheres and a special dubby touch....  It's very personal, a special part of Danjel Esperanza's life, feelings and all arround him, it's the musically diary of Danjel Esperanza.... And the story has just began.......