The musical life of Claudio Ezequiel Paez Alaniz Aka Nina Soul has begun child in the 1990's when he saw his brother and his friends to play with turntables at home, with one of the best djs of the time, "Christian The Mack's", resident Dj of the club called "Wold Street", a nightclub with a facade of street with traffic lightssigns of transit, games samba, lights laser etc. Well known in his time. Your brother's friends used to meet at that time to mix and swap music generating a fascination for European music. When him was 8 / 9 Years "The Mack's" kept their turntables and vinyl records at home of Claudio because in your studio would not have space for so many vinyl. That's how it has begun to experiment with mixtures when they were going to play at the Club.
Very young when he was 11 years old he was studying painting techniques with the painter "Gabriel Sainz". He had a fascination with the visual art and her stage name was born one morning in the winter of 2004 as I watched the movie "Case Thomas Crown", is a character who steals valuable paintings to earn money, when the protagonist does a strategy to steal the works, the soundtrack play "Nina Simone – Sinnerman" in that then Nina Soul felt that he had a relationship with God and that same week a friend gave a Cd Player compiled which included the track "Sinnerman" with a remix of Felix Da Housecat, generating a loop with its ideal. With the weather in 2007 after having won the "South American Music Conference" S.A.M.C contest, has released their first album "Black Ivory" and Felix Da Housecat introduces it into a compilation album of Milan as bonus track, together with great artists in labeling “Globalunderground”. Thanks to Felix, was the motivation for follow this pseudonym.